Fishing Equipment

  • MATT’S CAT ( 38 foot Power Catamaran – stable and fast maneuverability)
    (Capacity- 10 passengers for fishing or less, For split charter 6-7 passengers)
  • Penn International 20 & 50 with 80 pounds reels and rods.
  • Lee outriggers.
  • Downriggers
  • Fish finder
  • GPS charts plotter
  • Nice Marlin chair
  • Bait included on trips
  • Light tackle (sport fishing) for kids
  • Taxidermy service available
  • We clean fish for you

Our Trips Rates

Opening Hours 8:00am to 8:00pm 7 days a week

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Places for fishing:

At the south-east coast of Puerto Rico, we go sport fishing at the Continental Shelf and the Two Sea Mounts. For better results we recommend the Sea Mount in the deep blue waters of our Caribbean Sea. For light tackle (sport fishing) we go to shallow waters next to the resort.

The Continental Shelf:

is about 5 to 12 miles out from Palmas del Mar; with 20 – 30 minutes cruising time. It is a good place to go for the 4 hours trip and for a first time experience. It is about 200 – 2000 ft. deep.

The Sea Mounts:

Both sea mounts are located about 17miles out from Palmas del Mar. It is recommended for the 6 or 8 hours trip. It takes about 40 minutes cruising time. The Sea Mounts are about 200-4000 feet deep. We recommend it for better result.

Combination Trips:

On our combination trips you can snorkel at Vieques or Monkey Island, and on the way back you can do some Sport Fishing or Light Tackle (Trolling). We divide the trip time as you wish.

Light Tackle (Sport Fishing) area:

Is about 2 miles out from Palmas del Mar. This is a good area for kids, first time experience and adults. It is about 40 to 200 feet deep.